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Interview with Raush Mirzayev, director of subsidiary of “Akkord/Okan” company
To the questions of the website editor
Answers Raush Mirzayev, director of subsidiary
“Akkord-Okan” company
Kyzylorda Oblast
A number of articles have been published in printed mass media, we could say, of negative character lately. To be more precise, that there are delays in payment workers’ salary, about absence of proper conditions for living, about low quality of food, etc. Definite leaders’ names have been called in the publications, who do not react at all the appeals and claims of local staff. For example, newspaper “Oko”, dated from July 16, 2010, writes about all of these things.
How do these facts comply with the reality? If so, then with what was it connected with, and what was done by the administration of the company for their removal?
Yes, actually we had a small delay in payment salary 3-4 months ago. It was connected with that the date of payment salary to workers occurred on weekend. We had to pay not on the 10th day of the month, but on the 12th. It was the only case during the overall period of work of the new management. There were no such cases during the last 3-4 months. Salary has been transferred to the open accounts in the Bank Centercredit. All the staff has plastic cards.
Have labour agreements signed with all the staff at your sites, where the amount of the salary has been stipulated?
Certainly. This has been done at first.
As per the last summary, which was formed by PMC Lavalin International, there are definite improvements in the road works, i.e. in the time schedule of construction works, particularly on the 8th section, secured for your company.
Yes, certainly, we do our best to make up leeway. If for the beginning of October we had some backlogs, till date, i.e. October 16, we could successfully manage the obligations, taken for the current year.
I believe it is my duty to note presence of Elgar Gadjiyev, the President of the construction company himself.
What do you think, where was the main cause of all confusions during road-construction works progress at the sites of “Akkord-Okan” company before, as you noted, new manager’s arrival?  
First, there were serious problems with the qualified staff selection. 400 units of equipment were delivered from Azerbaijan. In spite of our intention to attract local staff as much as possible, the company experienced deficiency in qualified  machine operators, i.e. with the experience of work on complicated road equipment of Chinese, German, Italian production. As the result of operating this equipment by people without experience, the equipment collapsed and stood idle. We had to invite the specialists from Azerbaijan, as I mentioned above, who trained the local staff. We can say that till date there are no problems with the staff. This matter has been settled.
We are very sorry that it is already autumn, i.e. we lost time. There will be rains, the arrangement of asphalt concrete pavement will be stopped. But it does not mean that the overall works will be stopped. We will start other types of works: procurement of the construction material and so on.
Overall equipment is the imported one. And how do you manage, when it is collapsed, i.e. broken?
Our company signed the contracts with China, Italy and European countries – manufacturers of this equipment – for supply of spare parts. You can see that overall work has been done by the equipment. That’s why. It should not stand idle, by no means.
What about the disbursement of resources, built-in for the current year? It is already completed.
I can definitely say that to November 20 we are closing the plan of the year 2010. It is 2 billion 700 million tenge in terms of money.   
At the last meeting, presided by Abelgazi Kussainov, Minister of Transport and Communications, I remember, your company was instructed to lay 6 km of asphalt concrete in addition to your plan till November 22, 2010. How did you manage to fulfill this task?
The first layer of asphalt has been already laid. The second one has been prepared. Its arrangement was delayed because of minus temperature. But today the weather has been stabilized. The works have been started. I think that we can manage with the task in the current month.
How many people have been mobilized so far at two sites, provided for your company?
As per the status, till date, i.e. November 18, 2010, 608 people of local staff and from neighboring regions of the republic have been engaged, including 330 – for Lot 8 and 278 – for Lot 6. I would like to note that only within the period from November 1, 2010 to November 17, 2010 the number of newly employed people has been accounted for 51. The growth of the engaged people is for the category of heavy dumpers. And local staff accounts for 80% of overall number of the engaged people. People have been also engaged from neighboring regions: South-Kazakhstan and Zhambyl. All of them have been provided with accommodation, catering. Local staff has been also engaged in bookkeeping department, human resources department.
How has the work organized on selection the staff? Is there interaction with local executive bodies, services of employment of the population, etc.?  
Our HR Specialist, Head of HR Department, Aigul Arapova, she is also a translator, as she knows English perfectly, conducts the purposeful work. We give announcements for vacancies available in local printed mass media, i.e. on pages of regional and district newspapers, as well as in local TV and radio broadcasts, particularly for drivers of heavy dumpers, machine operators. There are many of those people who have a desire to work. Unfortunately, there are too little of them, who have an experience to work on the involved equipment. Administration of the company makes special mention and stimulates the interest of responsible and honest people’s labour financially.
Let’s dwell on the issue of preparing and training the staff. Aren’t those issues in the base of the staff activity? It is said not without purpose: “Staff determines everything”. Passing the sites we have been convinced that the equipment is really the latest. Some of them, perhaps, are not known to our very experienced machine operators. Initially, I know, thought of a way out of situation, inviting specialists from Azerbaijan. Isn’t it profitable to train Kazakhstani ones, who have theoretical training and practice on road equipment of earlier production?
At present we are planning the following.  We send specialists on an assignment from Baku city, who have the experience in new road special equipment, they train, consult and then come back, as they have their main work on those places. Also, the driving practice of heavy dumpers «Hova» has been implemented, in operation of which there is a small difference. Independently our specialist can drive only after 2-3 days of driving practice.
How much are you sure, that your company can manage the obligations taken in time?  
The provided period is 38 months. But we plan to complete overall works on construction of the provided site earlier, maybe 3-6 months. We consider it our first obligation not only arrange the required kilometers. But we should make it qualitative, i.e. complying with the international standards. These are the standards and requirements of the Employer.
Moreover, our company participates in such a large project not for the first time, i.e. we construct the road on international meaning not for the first time. At present our company constructs a large road of international meaning on the territory of Georgia and other CIS countries.
it is practically impossible to avoid the contacts with the population, community during the construction works. Because, there are the sites there, which pass through the settlements. Road works, these are dust, noise from the movement of the transport involved, obstacles in traffic of the transit transport, etc. Were there any appeals, complaints from the residents of the neighboring villages? Name, please, definite facts and what resolutions were made for them?
Yes, there was one fact there. This appeal was sent to the Kyzylorda Regional Department of COR. The administration of the company, in due course, met with the authors of that appeal. The request was complied with.
Will you give an account of what was the essence of that appeal? What did the author request about?
He complained that there was damage for his crops. The company paid compensation to the land owner. It is not a secret that sometimes there are appeals without any grounds for that there. But they are also not left without consideration. There is a lawyer in the staff of the company, who deals with such matters. The resolutions for them have been endorsed with the regional department of COR.
Thank you.





«The completion of the Kazakhstan’s section of the international motor road corridor “Western Europe – Western China” is very important. It is really the construction of the century. Where else have 2,700 kilometres of quality motor road been built in three years? We need to finish the job next year».
(From Address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the People of Kazakhstan. 27.01.2012)










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