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Interview with Askar Kurbanov, director of subsidiary “Kazsevavtodor” LLP

Interview with Askar Kurbanov,
director of subsidiary “Kazsevavtodor” LLP
Kyzylorda Oblast,
Shieli district
14 Lots in Kyzylorda Oblast with overall length of 787 km have been financed by means of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development with co-financing from Republican budget. The contracts were awarded to 4 companies: JSC “Salini Costruttori S.p.A” – 5 Lots - 410 km; JE “Akkord – Okan” (Azerbaijan - Turkey) – 2 Lots – 107 km; JSC “Impresa S.p.A.” (Italy) – 1 Lot – 50 km and JSC “Todini Costruzioni Generali S.p.A.” (Italy) – 6 Lots - 220 km. One of the Subcontractors, executing construction for Lot 11, is “Kazsevavtodor” LLP.
Tell me, please, what volume of work has been planned, what has been done? Is there a backlog of the schedule or may be аhead of it, and what about the disbursement of the budget, calculated for the next year?
As per the status for November 2010 we have disbursed 1 billion 705 million tenge. And that amount was planned for disbursement in 2010.  
What is the time schedule for winter period?  
We plan installment of culverts in winter. We also plan to construct complex of RES. We have obligations to perform restoration of the premises, where our office is located. This work was left for winter period, when the works with asphalt concrete will be suspended.
In addition, we will be busy with procurement of the building materials, complete the installment of the concrete mixing device, manufactured in Germany, the capacity of which is within 80 kg/h. Monthly output will be 150 thousand tons. There is no similar device in Kazakhstan.
What is the percentage of local personnel out of common number? How many people have been engaged at your site?
Overall451 people work with us. 130 local people are out of them, others have been involved from other district of Kyzlorda Oblast and neighboring regions of the Republic. Why? Because there is no qualified staff in this community, who has large practice in driving the road equipment involved. We have no international staff too. We will put into operation crushed stone plant near Karamuryn village in Shieli district literally other day. Its capacity is 5 thousand tons a day. These are 100 new working places for local population. The plant will work in two shifts. Local raw material will be used for it.
Is overall equipment involved your own or is there the leased one?
Overall equipment is our own. We have enough units of it.
How many units of equipment have been mobilized till date, November 19, 2010?
Overall 280 units.
What conditions have been created for working people at your site?
I believe, we have all the required conditions. Working people have been provided with 4 time catering, protection clothes, medical service. Salary has been paid on-time, without delay.
Have labor agreements signed with all the working people without exception at your site?
Absolutely all of them have labor agreements within labor legislation.  
How the work has been organized with public on considering their opinions, reviews. Has the local public applied to the constructors regarding any caused inconveniences? Have the public hearings been conducted on clarification of situation, connected with the highway construction works progress?
We have an agreement with the subsidiary of party “Nur Otan”, where the citizens mainly apply for various problems in case of receiving of claims, connected with the construction works, to inform us about that. There were no claims and complaints yet.
Boxes for letters and complaints have been installed in some posts. Public hearings have been also conducted. One should note that we have no problems in mutual relations with local population.
Moreover, we render direct assistance in conducting some events in the village. So, in the eve of Kurban-ait, a new mosque was put into operation in the village. Asphalt road with the length of 100 m was arranged to it by our force. A number of billboards has been installed for our resources on the territory of the village.  
We, constructors, take all our efforts, not to make inconveniences to the community, transit transport. So, aiming at the traffic safety on the constructing part of the road, we lay temporary one, by-pass, and constantly watch its condition, availability of all road signs, perform watering. There were no any accidents on our section. Following this direction we work together with the road police. We are preparing for provision of the winter maintenance of the road section, provided for us.
- Did “Kazsevavtodor” LLP take part in construction of large highways, for example, of republican meaning? 
-  We have our subdivision in Kostanai. We took part in a number of road projects, not only as Subcontractors, but Main Contractor.





«The completion of the Kazakhstan’s section of the international motor road corridor “Western Europe – Western China” is very important. It is really the construction of the century. Where else have 2,700 kilometres of quality motor road been built in three years? We need to finish the job next year».
(From Address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the People of Kazakhstan. 27.01.2012)










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