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About the commencement of the construction works in South-Kazakhstan Oblast. Interview with Chairman of the Committee for Roads, Saginov Z.
The construction of the road segment of the International Transit Corridor “Western Europe – Western China”, passing through this region, started in South-Kazakhstan Oblast. The length of the southern segment is 454 km, its cost is 242.2 billion tenge.
The works will be performed on seven segments. The Director of the Committee for Roads of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Zamir Saginov, told about that in details to correspondent of Kazinform.
- Zamir Sadykovich, what is the situation to date?
- Now we are at the site of the Shymkent city by-pass, where, as you can see, the works have been started and also in progress at five sites. 200 units of equipment have been mobilized. The main works, we are going to execute, if the weather conditions will allow, are top soil removal and roadbed arrangement. Then we will continue the work on the procurement of the building material: crushed stone, gravel sand mix. We will conduct the work on mobilization of other road-building equipment – cement concrete, asphalt concrete plants, concreting plants will be involved for this work. Accordingly, mobilization of the staff, time for land acquisition – these matters were discussed yesterday in the regional akimat, and these tasks will be settled during December-January.
- You tell about the staff mobilization, though nearly all the Contractors are foreign companies. Will you clarify, please?
- One company is a Kazakhstani one, the second one is also registered in Kazakhstan, but mainly Iranians work there. Three companies are South-Korean, one is Chinese. On the whole, the contracts of intention have already been signed with these companies, and they will work with the local companies. There are enough capacities here – there are local companies, which have their own equipment, and they can work independently on earthworks and the works on arrangement of foundation. They also have operating quarries, and they can supply all the inert material, which is required for this road.
- And how many southern people will be involved in this construction?
- We are planning to involve more than 16 thousand people for the construction period in South-Kazakhstan Oblast. If we can tell by practice, it will be like that: we involved more than 30 thousand people for the construction of the road in other regions in the current year, including 500 people of international staff. It has been stipulated in black and white in the contracts of foreign companies that they have right to involve the staff only of the first and second categories. They are engineers of high qualification. The rest of the staff are Kazakhstani.
 - You planned the construction for the second half of summer. But you got bogged down in the purchase of private lands, affected by the road. Has this problem been solved?
- This matter was considered by the Government in the end of October, it is urgent. 23 land plots were impawned. Now 20 out of 23 have already been removed from the pawn, the other three land plots are being processed. There were no entitlements, approximately for 63 land plots, it has already been settled. But new problems arise. For example, some owners do not agree with the evaluation. How many of them – it is difficult to state completely. Someone agrees, the number of them changes, the works is constantly in progress. Local akimat duly provides with another land plot, equal worth one. That’s why, it is impossible to tell how many people are not satisfied with it, the work is in progress with them. If they disagree, then everything will be settled in the court.
But I can tell exactly: that work, which was executed till date, allows constructing without difficulty along the overall southern segment. There are small sections, for which we work. And on the whole, we think to solve the problems with the purchase approximately till the middle of the next year.
- Will the local building materials be used?
- By all means! We do not face the problems with inert materials in SKO at all. And for the mixes too – cement concrete, asphalt concrete. One matter, which we would like to perfect, concerns a new cement plant, which has been built. Now the laboratory examines, if it will be able to supply us with the qualitative cement for the arrangement of cement concrete. It is important, as the main part of works to Turkestan will be performed in cement concrete.
- The fact that the period for construction in the south has been moved, will it influence the overall time schedule for road construction?
- No, it will not, because we planned to make 378 kilometers of the road in one line for the corridor in the current year. But favorable weather conditions, good mobilization of the Contractors in other regions gave us an opportunity to lay 417 kilometers. Therefore, on the whole, there are no backlogs for the project. And for South-Kazakhstan we can see no problems at all. Here, the climate is such, that the construction can be executed for 11-12 months a year.
- When will the road be completed?
- We plan to complete the main construction works to the end of 2012, and overall road to complete in 2013.
- Will it be toll highway?
- The road will be free of charge, except for the segment, which is constructed on concession base. It will be a segment Shymkent - Tashkent, 109 kilometers. There will be no other road in this direction – in accordance with the legislation, the construction of the alternative road is not required.
- Is that segment also included into the common project?
- Yes, we also consider this part of the road, on the whole, involved in the corridor ‘Western Europe – Western China”. For this segment covers not only exit to Europe. It covers overall exit to other countries: Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. Then it passes to connection with the second road, which we construct to the port Aktau – from there exit to Iran. That is, we plan overall transit to pass through us, to cover all these regions.
- Thank you for the interview!





«The completion of the Kazakhstan’s section of the international motor road corridor “Western Europe – Western China” is very important. It is really the construction of the century. Where else have 2,700 kilometres of quality motor road been built in three years? We need to finish the job next year».
(From Address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the People of Kazakhstan. 27.01.2012)










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