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“Nurly zhol” state program: 75 thousand working places were created on construction of republican roads in one year

During the years of the implementation of the Nurly Zhol infrastructure development program, it became obvious that the state program has a significant impact on the country's GDP growth, contributes to the creation of new jobs, and the improvement of the social infrastructure. At the same time, the main emphasis was put on the construction of modern and high-quality highways.

In January 2017, in his Message “Third Modernization: Global Competitiveness”, the Head of State noted that over the past two years, the Nurly Zhol program had fully justified itself and set the task of its further implementation as a full-fledged driver of the economy.

“Currently, it is planned to implement 23 projects for the construction and reconstruction of republican roads with a total length of 4.6 thousand km. Of these, until the end of the year will be open movement at 528 km. To fully disclose the country's transport and transit potential, coordination with neighboring countries is needed. It is necessary to ensure the freedom of transit of goods, the creation and modernization of transport corridors. Special attention should be paid to the management of transport infrastructure, raising the level of service and eliminating administrative barriers. In connection with the increase in traffic volumes along the Trans-Caspian corridor, it is necessary to begin the implementation of the second phase of the construction of the Kuryk port - the road crossing” is written in the Message.

In 2018, under the program for the construction of highways, more jobs were created. So, if in 2017, out of 100 thousand created jobs, 70% was directed to the construction of roads, then in 2018 almost 75 thousand jobs were created only on the construction of republican roads.

As part of the “Nurly Zhol”, by 2020, it is planned to introduce 6.5 thousand km of toll roads. Of these, 471 km in the current year. These are Astana-Temirtau, Almaty-Kapshagai, Almaty-Khorgos.

In general, by 2020 it is planned to cover about 7 thousand km of roads with reconstruction and construction. At the same time, the number of transit container shipments will be increased 10-fold to 2 million containers. The growth of transit air passenger traffic 4 times to 1.6 million is planned.







«Важное значение имеет завершение строительства казах-
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-ного автомобильного коридора «Западная Европа - Западный Китай». Это действительно народная стройка века. Где еще за три года было построено 2700 км. качественной автомобильной дороги? Мы должны в следующем году эту работу закончить»
(Из Послания Президента Республики Казахстан – Лидера Нации Н.А.Назарбаева народу Казахстана "Социально-экономическая модерни-
-зация – главный вектор развития Казахстана».  Январь 2012 года)









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