The World Bank visited road reconstruction sites in Kazakhstan
The World Bank transport team visited Kazakhstan during November 5-15, 2019 to carry out an implementation support mission of the South West and East West Roads Projects. The Mission team consisted...
Reconstruction Progress on Aktobe-Atyrau-border of the Russian Federation (to Astrakhan) Road km 833-893
Photo: Currently, on km 833-893 section of Aktobe-Atyrau-border of the Russian Federation (to Astrakhan) the culverts are being constructed and gas pipeline and underground...
Progress of Reconstruction Works on Aktobe-Atyrau-border of the Russian Federation (to Astrakhan)
The source of photograph: web-site of NC KazAutoZhol To date the road workers have completed construction of bypass road and removal of top soil on Aktobe-Atyrau-border of the Russian Federation road...
BAKAD Road Concession Project
The source of picture is Khabar 24 To date, mobilization of personnel and road construction equipment and machinery has completed and construction works have commenced under the Construction and...
Work Progress on Kalbatau-Maikapshagai Road
The source of photograph: NC KazAutoZhol JSC 415 km Kalbatau-Maikapshagai Road Section will be reconstructed from the Category III to Category II with 2-lane carriageway widened up to 9m. The work...
Reconstruction Works on Taldykorgan – Kalbatau – Ust-Kamenogorsk Road km 615-1073 in Eastern-Kazakhstan Oblast
The source of photograph: NC KazAutoZhol JSC Currently, the reconstruction works are carried out along the entire Taldykorgan – Kalbatau-Ust-Kamenogorsk road. The works are performed by the...
Reconstruction of Uzynagash-Otar Road Section is on Fast-forward
The source of photograph: NC KazAutoZhol JSC Reconstruction of 96 km Uzynagash-OtarRoad consists of three sections running through Almaty and Zhambyl oblasts. After reconstruction is completed, the...



«The completion of the Kazakhstan’s section of the Western Europe – Western China International Road Corridor is very important. It is really the construction of the century»

«We set an objective to develop infrastructure. And it turned out to be within our power. We are currently reviving the New Silk Road. We have opened access to the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Greater East. We have opened the Eastern gates, paving the way to the markets of China and the entire Asian continent», "Kazakhstan-2050” Strategy.
Address of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, 2012.





«The executive authorities need a complete, high-quality Nurly Zhol Program. This is a strategic project which will affect the entire transport infrastructure».






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