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In Turkestan Region oblast it is planned to launch 3 toll road sections with a total length of 359 km

In accordance with the State Program of Road Infrastructure Development “Nurly Zhol”, in Turkestan Region, it is planned to launch 3 Toll Road sections with a total length of 359 km. These are:

  • Shymkent - Tashkent - 84 km;
  • Shymkent - Kyzylorda - 195 km;
  • Shymkent - Taraz - 80 km.

Currently, work has been completed on the arrangement of control arches with the installation of a software and hardware complex that provides continuous monitoring of the vehicles transit. In this case, the system will be of an open type, that is, the complete absence of barriers and thus without any restriction of movement. In total, 11 intermediate control arches have been installed on the territory of Turkestan oblast, including 3 Nos. towards Tashkent, 2 Nos. towards Taraz, 6 Nos. towards Kyzylorda.

At present the system is in test operation, full launch into commercial operation is scheduled for June this year.

Toll rates for toll sections are pending subject to approval by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the same time, similar rates of the payment for already existing toll roads sections (Nur-Sultan-Shchuchinsk, Almaty-Khorgos, etc.) have been taken as a basis.

More than 20 payment methods are provided. These are second-tier banks (including applications for Internet banking kaspi, homebank, etc.), payment terminals (Qiwi, woopay), as well as mobile operators Kcell, Activ, Beeline by sending SMS.

There are also benefits. For the population of areas adjacent to toll roads, a subscription fee of 1,000 tenge is established for passenger vehicles for a period of 1 year. But in order to receive the benefit, the vehicle must be registered in these areas in a binding offer.

In order to receive the benefit you must:

  1. Contact the contact center by short number 1403;
  2. Top up a personal account in the amount of 1000 tenge.

 At Customer Service Centers, road users can receive information on tariffs, outstanding arrears with official confirmation, etc.

 In total, 4 Customer Service Centers (CSC) will operate on the territory of Turkestan Region:

  1. CSC on the bypass of Ikan settlement address: Samara-Shymkent road, km 2127, rest area on the right side (in the direction to Shymkent)
  2. CSC in Mashat village address: Almaty-Tashkent road, km 648, rest area on the right side (in the direction to Taraz)
  3. CSC in Atameken village address: Shymkent - Tashkent road km 792, rest area on the right side (in the direction to Shymkent)
  4. CSC in Shymkent address: 21 Kunaeva str., Business Center “Altyn Orda”, 1st floor



«Важное значение имеет завершение строительства казахстанского участка международного автомобильного коридора «Западная Европа - Западный Китай». Это действительно народная стройка века».
«Мы ставили задачу развивать инфраструктуру. И это оказалось нам по силам. В настоящее время мы возрождаем Новый Шелковый путь. Мы открыли доступ к странам Персидского залива и Большого Востока. Мы распахнули восточные ворота, проложив путь на рынки Китая и всего Азиатского континента». «Стратегия «Казахстан-2050».
Послание Первого Президента РК - Елбасы, 2012 г.





«Исполнительной власти нужна полная, качественная программа «Нурлы Жол». Это стратегический проект, благодаря которой будет затронута вся транспортная инфраструктура».





Стратегия 2050





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