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Question №507
February 19, 2018
Anzhela Kudryavtseva | Almaty, Almaty region, Karasai district, Irgeli village

Is a sign forbidding the passage of a truck on the new pass in Zhambyl region legally installed? And why the passage was turned to the old emergency pass? And traffic police officers stand on a new pass, demanding money without writing out a fine ??

Answer to question №507
March 30, 2018

Dear Anzhela, according to the Order of the Administrative Police Department (APD) of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) in Zhambyl region, the branch of the RSE "Kazahavtodor" of the Zhambyl region was assigned to install a road sign on the pass that prohibits heavy vehicles traffic in connection with a prolonged lift, which is not safe for overall vehicles.

According to the Regulations of the APD DIA of the Zhambyl region, graded speed limit signs (90, 70, 50 km/h) were also installed in the old pass.

"And traffic police officers stand on a new pass, demanding money without writing out a fine???" - we would like to clarify that this issue does not belong to our competence and you shall address to the APD DIA of Zhambyl region.




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