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Work Progress on Kalbatau-Maikapshagai Road Section

The source of the Photograph: NC KazAutoZhol JSC

Intensive road construction works continue on the Kalbatau-Maikapshagai road corridor as part of the construction and reconstruction of the republican roads in the Eastern Kazakhstan region.

The total length of the republican road is 415 km. Reconstruction works will be carried out at ten locations of the project. The project includes construction of a Bypass road, 18 numbers of Bridges and 5 numbers of Traffic Interchanges.

The existing road of Category III will be reconstructed to Category II with the widening of the carriageway up to 9 meters and with the design speed of up to 120 km/h.

To date, Bypasses are constructed at km 906-915 and km 915-955 of the Kalbatau-Maikapshagai road. 8 numbers of Culverts and 7.4 km of the base courses, 7.1 km of coarse asphalt concrete have been constructed on the first road section of the project.

12 units of the road construction equipment and 15 people have been mobilized    on the second road section. The earthworks with widening of the road are being carried out on 5 km road section. Snow fences are being installed and communication lines are being relocated.




«The completion of the Kazakhstan’s section of the international motor road corridor “Western Europe – Western China” is very important. It is really the construction of the century. Where else have 2,700 kilometres of quality motor road been built in three years? We need to finish the job next year».
(From Address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the People of Kazakhstan. 27.01.2012)










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