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Reconstruction of Uzynagash-Otar Road Section is on Fast-forward

The source of photograph: NC KazAutoZhol JSC

Reconstruction of 96 km Uzynagash-OtarRoad consists of three sections running through Almaty and Zhambyl oblasts. After reconstruction is completed, the technical condition of the Uzynagash-Otar Road will be of Category I-b with widened carriageway allowing traffic to use 4 lanes (2 lanes for each direction) instead of the existing 2 lanes. More than 1,200 people are involved in the works, and 99% employed are local population of the nearby areas.

Currently, construction of artificial structuresis carried out at all sites (Culverts, Bridges, Cattle crossings). More than 6.4 mln.m3 of the embankment is filled and 7 km of the base course have been constructed.

In addition, 2 Asphalt Concrete, 3 Cement Concrete and 3 Crushing Plants have been installed for the road reconstruction. It should be noted that this reconstruction has a positive effect on the industrial sector of the oblast, since the construction companies every day purchase 3 beef carcasses, 1000 liters of water, 60 liters of milk, etc.




«The completion of the Kazakhstan’s section of the international motor road corridor “Western Europe – Western China” is very important. It is really the construction of the century. Where else have 2,700 kilometres of quality motor road been built in three years? We need to finish the job next year».
(From Address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the People of Kazakhstan. 27.01.2012)










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