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ADB will finance construction of Saryagash bypass

A new road bypassing Saryagash and thirty six villages will be built in the Saryagash and Keles districts of Turkestan oblast under the Government Nurly Zhol Infrastructure Development Program for 2020-2025.

The Asian Development Bank’s Mission has proceeded with reviewing a major road project scheduled for implementation in 2021.

The Project includes construction of Abai-Kyzylasker road section and reconstruction of Kyzylasker-Chinaz approach road (Konysbaev customs checkpoint). The new 102 km express road will be I Category 4-laned road.

The existing road runs through Saryagash and a number of villages: Zhibek Zholy, Zortobe, Derbisek, Zhemisti, Kaplambek, Kyzylzhar, Akniet, Karakalpak, Darbaza, Dastan, Zhanatalap, Ak uy, Yenkes, Dmitrovo, Zholbasshi, Kurylys, Abai, Oshakty, Koshkarata, Beskubyr, Beskubyr 2, Komitern, Kyzyltu, Ushkyn, Dzhambul, Ordzhonikidze, Makhtashi, Birlesu, Algabas, Ontustik, Zhideli, Zhuzumdik, Birlik, Saryagash, Cogertu and Kyzylasker.

One of the advantages of this Project will be a reduction in number of road traffic accidents, as well as improvement of the environmental situation in and around the villages. In addition, the new bypass road will help to improve the quality of international transport links of Kazakhstan and, accordingly, increase the transit potential of the country.

The initial Project cost according to feasibility study is 159 billion 302 million tenge.

It is planned that more than 25,000 people will be involved in this construction. The road is expected to be open for traffic in 2024.




«The completion of the Kazakhstan’s section of the Western Europe – Western China International Road Corridor is very important. It is really the construction of the century»

«We set an objective to develop infrastructure. And it turned out to be within our power. We are currently reviving the New Silk Road. We have opened access to the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Greater East. We have opened the Eastern gates, paving the way to the markets of China and the entire Asian continent», "Kazakhstan-2050” Strategy.
Address of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, 2012.





«The executive authorities need a complete, high-quality Nurly Zhol Program. This is a strategic project which will affect the entire transport infrastructure».






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