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World Day of Health and Safety at Work or the Best Day!

Source of photograph: OHS. Kazakhstan Magazine

The World Day of Health and Safety at Work is April 28.

Should it be reminded that Safety at the workplace is first and foremost?

It should be.

It is always the first thing to remember.

The issue of ensuring and observing safety requirements at the workplace shall come first for both Employers and Employees.

For someone, the OHS requirements and standards may sound like something boring and secondary compared to other Company’s rules and standards, but those Employers and Employees who have already encountered with fatal injuries at work understand that nothing can be more important than Safety.

As reference

The World Day of Health and Safety at Work has been celebrated in countries around the world since 2003 upon a decision of the International Labor Organization. The ILO’ initiative was dictated by the intention to draw attention of the global community to the major problem, to how the creation and promotion of a Safety culture can help reduce annual mortality at the workplace.

7,000 people every day die at the workplace. Moreover, this figure increases by approximately 10% annually.

The prerequisites for celebrating the World Day of Health and Safety at Work date back to 1989, when trade unions and workers of the United States and Canada held Memorial Day for the workers who died and were injured at the workplace.

The idea of ​​establishing the World Day of Health and Safety at Work is connected with the International Workers' Memorial Day, those who have died or been injured at work.

Currently, more than 100 countries hold events on April 28 aimed at drawing attention of people and officials to various problems related to Health and Safety at work. (Magazine “Labor Protection. Kazakhstan”).

The Employers should never forget that Employees are the most valuable resource of any Company, and care and saving of human lives should be their main task and concern. Employees shall always remember that they have loving families waiting for them at home, and, hence, the well-known “complacency” human factor shall not exist at their workplaces.

Moreover, this year both Employers and Employees have faced a serious problem of COVID-19 virus spread and the continuing growth of cases in some parts of the world. Governments, employers, workers and their organizations face enormous challenges as they try to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and protect safety and health at work. Beyond the immediate crisis, there are also concerns about resuming activity in a manner that sustains progress made in suppressing virus transmission.

On this day, we wish everyone Zero Accident and Work Well-being!







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