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Toll Roads: What Toll Plaza’s Design Is

There are 4 toll road sections with total length of 682 km in Kazakhstan. Toll Plazas are equipped with the terminals produced in France, USA and Russia.

Thus, there are two 6-laned Toll Plazas with GEA terminals on Nur-Sultan – Schuchinsk road. IDC terminals are installed at two 8-laned Toll Plazas on the Nur-Sultan – Temirtau road with and at one 12-laned Toll Plaza of the Almaty-Kapshagai road section. There are two 8-laned Toll Plazas equipped with Shtrikh-M terminals on Almaty - Khorgos road section.

The terminals are equipped with entry and exit classifiers located at the entrance and exit from the toll road, as well as device detecting vehicles. Entry, control and exit induction loops, a camera for reading the state registration number plate, a reader for recognizing FRID tags and surveillance cameras for observing the lane are installed here. Each terminal is equipped with a traffic control device: a toll barrier, a traffic light and a display panel, as well as cash and change system.

By the way, there are several ways to pay the tolls: payment terminals (QIWI, Cashier 24, CyberPlat, Tenge), using an electronic wallet (Cashier 24, QIWI, Wooppay), Internet banking (Halykbank, KaspiBank, Sberbank, Eurasian Bank, CapitalBank, ATF Bank), the PayWay.kz website, the phone balance and the KazDriver application. In case of any questions, the users can contact the operator by using the call button located on the toll collection terminal.

It shall be reminded that in December, 2019, the national company KazAutoZhol announced the results of investment bidding for the installation and maintenance of the Toll Collection Systems on the republican roads, followed by the signing of a Contract with Kazakh-Taiwanese Consortium.

This year, Toll Collection System is planned to be installed on 5,700 km of republican roads and tested in operation. The introduction of this System on the remaining 5,300 km will be completed by 2024.





«The completion of the Kazakhstan’s section of the Western Europe – Western China International Road Corridor is very important. It is really the construction of the century»

«We set an objective to develop infrastructure. And it turned out to be within our power. We are currently reviving the New Silk Road. We have opened access to the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Greater East. We have opened the Eastern gates, paving the way to the markets of China and the entire Asian continent», "Kazakhstan-2050” Strategy.
Address of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, 2012.





«The executive authorities need a complete, high-quality Nurly Zhol Program. This is a strategic project which will affect the entire transport infrastructure».






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