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Project implementation “Western Europe-Western China” in South-Kazakhstan Oblast has been discussed at the meeting in the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Berik Kamaliyev, Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted the meeting with the participation of Project Management Consultant and Construction Supervision Consultants, Project Managers of Contractors, engaged in Project implementation “Western Europe-Western China” for the sections of South-Kazakhstan Oblast.

Zamir Saginov, Chairman of the Committee for Roads, informed about progress of project implementation in South-Kazakhstan Oblast. He mentioned some sections and types of works, where there were backlogs behind timing schedule.

References: Total length of the corridor, subjected to reconstruction for oblast, is 448 km (224 km – the works have been executed by 6 Contractors, 15 km - «Temirlan By-Pass», 30 km – «Passage through Shymkent city», 79 km - «Shymkent – Border of Zhambyl Oblast», 100 km – «Shymkent – Tashkent»).

Construction works are in progress for 6 sections with total length of 224 km («Dena Rahsaz» (Iran), JV «Copri/Seiser» (Kuwait/Kazakhstan), «Posco» (Korea), «Sinohydro» (China), «Kukdong» (Korea) and JV «Azercorpu/Tepe» (Azerbaijan/Turkey)).

About 24.5 billion tenge are planned to disburse and arrange 140 km of roads (in one direction) in 2011.

Aiming at intensification of works, executed throughout oblast for 3 sections («Dena Rahsaz» (Iran), JV «Copri/Seiser» (Kuwait/Kazakhstan), «Posco» (Korea), Kostanai Regional Department of COR and GI “Kostanaioblzhollaboratory” (129.7 km) have been secured as the representatives of the Client.

South-Kazakhstan Regional Department of COR (94.3 km) has been secured for other 3 sections («Sinohydro» (China), «Kukdong» (Korea) and JV «Azercorpu/Tepe» (Azerbaijan/Turkey).   

Muhit Ahmetov and Andrew Horward, Directors of South-Kazakhstan and Kostanai Regional Departments of the Committee for Roads, reported in details about the progress of project implementation overall in southern region, as well as regarding sections. Minister also heard the reports of the Project Managers of the Contractors and Consultants.

Finalizing the results of the meeting, Minister reminded all the Project Managers about personal responsibility for absolute and qualitative execution of quantities in accordance with time schedules. As the result of the meeting the Committee for Roads has been instructed to carry out monitoring of the work progress by Contractors “Posco”, “Kukdong”, “Sinohydro” and submit their proposals for taking further measures.

Contractors at the earliest should submit time schedules for mobilization of asphalt-concrete plants (ACP), cement concrete plants (CCP) and concrete laying complex. In addition, they should provide complete mobilization of the road-building equipment and personnel till mid-June of the current year.

Construction Supervision Consultants should provide qualitative execution of works and control for compliance of the applied road-building materials.




«The completion of the Kazakhstan’s section of the Western Europe – Western China International Road Corridor is very important. It is really the construction of the century»

«We set an objective to develop infrastructure. And it turned out to be within our power. We are currently reviving the New Silk Road. We have opened access to the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Greater East. We have opened the Eastern gates, paving the way to the markets of China and the entire Asian continent», "Kazakhstan-2050” Strategy.
Address of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, 2012.





«The executive authorities need a complete, high-quality Nurly Zhol Program. This is a strategic project which will affect the entire transport infrastructure».






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