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“SAGAN COLOUR” LLP proposes high-quality paints
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“SAGAN COLOUR” LLP is the only high-tech, modern, fast-growth company in Kazakhstan specializing in the production of paintwork materials. The plant's products are in demand by consumers and rightfully occupies leading position in severe competition in the domestic market of high-quality paints.

“SAGAN COLOUR” LLP is placed in the Register of domestic producers of "National Welfare Fund" Samruk-Kazyna" JSC (Register No. 003894/OP, date of registration 21.12.2010).

“SAGAN COLOUR” LLP was awarded a diploma for high quality products at the Kazakhstani International Exhibition ”Astana Industrial Manufacturing”.

Information on the nomenclature of paint products produced by “SAGAN COLOUR” LLP:

Certificate of goods origin, Form ST KZ № KZ 3 14 00445 dated 15.06.2013

No. Name   Product of domestic manufacturers (Ki = 1), the percentage of local content in the product specified in the certificate "ST-KZ" № KZ 2 14 00404 dated 20.06.2012

“SAGAN COLOUR” LLP production in the Republic of Kazakhstan is as follows:

1. Solvent P-4 (GOST 7827-74) 77.5%

2. Solvent P-646 (GOST 18188-72) 66.1%

3. Linseed oil "Oksol" (GOST 190-78) 100%

4. Enamel PF-115 (GOST 6465-76) color in the range of 85.7%

5. Enamel PF-133 (GOST926-82) color in the range of 89%

6. Primer GF-021 (GOST 25129-82) 95.5%

7. Nail BT-577 (GOST 5631-79) 83.6%

8. Minium iron (GOST10503-71) 83.8%

9. Enamel XB-785 (GOST 7313-75) color in the range 69.3%

10. Nail XB-784 (GOST 7313-75) 78.3%

11. Enamel NC - 132 (GOST 6631-74) color in the range of 82.1%

12. Water-dispersed paint (GOST 28196-89) 82.2%

13. Road enamel of the mark AK-511 66%

 “SAGAN COLOUR” LLP is an active supporter of President’s policy on the development of domestic content and looks forward to a fruitful and long-term cooperation!

Best regards,
Director of "SAGAN COLOUR» LLP
S. Semenov

Originator: Alexey Gorbachev

8-701-52 6-34-50, 8 (7182) 65-03-96, 33-44-58





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Address of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, 2012.





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